Highlights for Green Class: July 5 to July 8

The Mythical Beasts Study 神獸的傳說 Week 1

Art Wall 藝術牆

What a super busy first week! We are so happy to see many familiar faces again and meet new friends.

Many children really enjoyed drawing on the Art Wall 藝術牆 and showing their creativity in different ways.

In our Topic Time, we have been reading our original storybook called “Big Ya Ya’s Adventure with the Mythical Beasts”, where the children followed the adventure of Big Ya Ya 大芽芽 in exploring the imaginary Ya Ya Island 芽芽島 to find the mythical beasts (神獸). Here are some excerpts from our storybook!

The children were mesmerized by the story. Together, we rowed a boat to the island, and thus far, we have encountered a unicorn 獨角獸 and a qilin 麒麟 (a Chinese mythical creature).

After the Topic time, the children are also excited in creating their very own little word book 芽芽小書 and they can’t wait to take it home to show their parents at the end of the session.

On our journey, we met a unicorn and a qilin!

[Art Project] We made the big boat to go on an adventure finding the beats