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A Group of Warm educators & Dreamers

For children, play is work. As educators we model a joyful work environment by approaching our work with the same enthusiasm that we want the students to have towards theirs. Every single teacher and administrator at Ya Ya Preschool is essential to the success of our students and to our school. We come from different backgrounds, bring unique contributions to our school, and collaborate together to carry out the same goal: providing a nurturing Mandarin preschool as the foundation for our childrens’ academic and career success.

A place where you want to be every (work)day!

Who are Ya Ya Teachers?

Ya Ya teachers wake up eager to get to school and engage with their students. They find sheer joy in watching the children learn and grow academically, linguistically, and socially. They are passionate about art and music and share it with the children through daily activities. Our teachers exude patience and love as they guide the children throughout the day. And of course, they meet or exceed New York state certification standards.

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Ms Awesome

Education Director

NYS teacher certification holder with years of early childhood education experience​. Bio coming soon...

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Founder / Chief Dreamer

Grownup title: Curriculum Director

It started with a simple dream of creating a happy place for my children to learn Mandarin. Having immigrated from Taiwan at age 12, becoming fluent in my native Mandarin Chinese and the English language made me appreciate the beauty of both languages, and later I also studied Japanese as my third language in college. Prior to creating Mandarin Seeds, I had worked with numbers and logic in a finance  job after graduating in computer science with a B.A. from UCSD and later M.S. from Stanford. As I am a child at heart, I often dreamt of becoming an educator and working with children. Becoming a mother had changed my life forever and motherhood has led me on this incredible journey of bringing the joy of early childhood Mandarin education not only to my children but to many others. I wholeheartedly believe that early childhood is a sacred time for children to just play freely, make art and explore music. Ya Ya Preschool is my childhood dream come true.


Founder / Dream Maker

Grownup title: Operation Director


I wear many hats - a mother of two boys, a teacher, an admin, a baker, a classically trained musician and violinist, with a BS in Music Education from National Taipei Education University in Taiwan and an MS in Arts Management at Carnegie Mellon. My journey with Mandarin Seeds began as a mother looking for a fun and high-quality Mandarin education for my boys, to whom I spoke exclusively in Mandarin. As a musician, I appreciated the music-based curriculum. I then became a teacher first, and then an admin later. My work there allowed me to see how Mandarin Seeds positively impacted the students as well as allowing me to make connections with so many like-minded families. Now as the dream maker at Ya Ya Preschool, I love my job in making the dream and vision of the best Mandarin preschool come true: building on the success of Ya Ya curriculum, which I have loved and experienced firsthand as a mother and as a teacher.