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Admission Process for 2024-2025

Thank you for choosing to start your child’s preschool Journey with us!

(*For Mandarin enrichment programs, please select Enrichment in the menu bar.)

Our application process at a glance:

  • Step 1 - Schedule a virtual or in-person tour here(*Optional but recommended). 

  • Step 2 - CLICK THE ORANGE to complete the application online. Please answer the questions carefully and feel free to contact us with any questions. We are here to support you throughout this process!

  • Step 3 - Schedule a child visit. (*Optional but we highly encourage you to visit our school with your child so that your child can see the environment. More information can be found in FAQs).

  • Step 4 - Receive the admissions notification from us by the deadline (check FAQs for more information).

Ways to get to know us:

Any questions? Check out the FAQ section here!

We welcome you to come meet us and find out more about our curriculum and philosophy!

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