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Beginners Twos Club, 2Y to 2.8y


A perfect drop-off class for young two year olds and families who prefer a light schedule as an alternative to our regular 5-day Ya Ya Preschool program. The main focus of the class is to provide children with Mandarin exposure through hands-on and open-ended activities. 

  • The class meets on Tue & Thu (8:30am to 10:30am)

  • Age Range: born between 1/1/2022 and 9/30/2022 (2 to 2.8 years).

  • Small class size with limited spots available

  • 3 to 4 weeks gentle phase-in schedule.

  • Annual enrollment only. (*Rolling admissions into Ya Ya Preschool during mid year is possible case by case).

  • Prior Mandarin background is not necessary.

Preschool Program
Beginners Twos Club

Mandarin Exposure

20 hours/week (5 half days)

32.5 hours/week (5 full days)

4 hours/week

Early Childhood

Benchmark Tracking


The early childhood benchmarks guide our teachers’ lesson planning. We keep track of children’s development in all areas (social-emotional, physical, cognitive, math, language, early literacy) and we report back to parents during parent teacher conference twice a year.


Mandarin skills are the main focus.

Meal Time

with Friends

Lunch time is a
wonderful time for children to develop their independence, life skills,
and the sense of community. Snacks and hot lunch are included in the tuition.

No lunch at school. Parents provide their own snacks.



Examples are yoga, dance, music, art, robotics, cooking.


Private School

Exmissions Support


Our exmissions team provides 1:1 support for families who
apply out to ongoing private schools. We meet with parents, provide
guidance on the process, and write private school reports.


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Let's learn more about our preschool program at Ya Ya Preschool!

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