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Ya Ya Community

Nice to meet you and welcome to the Ya Ya Community! Joining a school is also about connecting with a community of like-minded families who share common values and similar educational philosophy. Many of our Ya Ya families believe in: 


  • Raising our children to be bilingual or multilingual in a joyful way

  • Celebrating Chinese cultural traditions and embracing our heritage​

  • Cultivating a love for learning in children and developing an appreciation for diversity


We share classroom happenings as well as hosting a variety of family events and educational workshops from time to time for our own school community members, and any new family who may be interested in joining our community. Please check back here often for new happenings or subscribe to our newsletters!


Monna's Scoop

Exclusive Ya Ya happenings.


Ya Ya Events

Child and family friendly events for our Ya Ya community.


Parent Resources

Useful resources for parenting and Mandarin learning.

Interested in learning more?

Schedule a tour with us!

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