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Extracurricular Ya Ya Club

What is a typical lesson like? 

Unlike a “traditional” language class that generally follows a series of textbooks systematically, our “Extracurricular Ya Ya Club” 芽芽才藝班, as the name indicates, is an afterschool program that offers children opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities such as art and science projects in Mandarin. What sets our program apart is that our teachers use Mandarin instructions in leading these hands-on projects, aiming to replicate the extracurricular experience your child would have if they were in Taiwan or China. Teachers will use a wide variety of creative tools and visual aids to explain the ideas and stories in Mandarin as much as possible. The main purpose is to keep their listening comprehension at a high level while giving them ample opportunities to use Mandarin in meaningful contexts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach Chinese character reading and writing?

We do not teach Chinese character reading and writing intentionally or systematically as our focus is on helping children develop their Mandarin listening and speaking skills. However, our immersive environment is designed to act as an invisible teacher, with Chinese characters labeled everywhere, on the bulletin board, calendar, projects, story books, etc. Some early readers may pick up Chinese characters through the exposure to our environment and the class activities organically.

Can my child join if they don’t already speak Mandarin?

Our programs are designed for children who already can understand basic classroom instructions and directions in Mandarin (either our alumni from Ya Ya preschool day school program or a Mandarin native speaker at home).  If your child is under 4 years of age, we highly recommend starting the journey with our day school Ya Ya Preschool

Are Chinese reading and writing classes offered at Ya Ya?

No, we do not. However, we would be happy to refer you to check out this Chinese language program called CCBG, which will teach pinyin, reading and writing systematically. Our extracurricular after school program would be a great supplement to any formal Chinese language lessons, adding not only frequency to your child’s Mandarin learning routine, but also lots of fun in learning extracurricular subjects.

At Ya Ya, we wholeheartedly believe in nurturing the precious creative spirit and playful imagination in every child, from their early years through their elementary school years. We also pride ourselves in the high quality of our teachers who have been trained by our education team to ensure consistent curriculum planning. Through our fun and dynamic experiential learning approach, children can:

  • elevate their listening comprehension

  • expand their vocabulary organically

  • practice their Mandarin verbal skills

  • nurture their love of Chinese language and culture

Let’s have fun together! (You may continue scrolling to see photos of a typical Ya Ya Club class.)

Is able to follow basic instructions and directions in Mandarin

Age Group:

Suitable for students from 4 years old (or Pre-K by September of 2023) up to 9 years old (5th grade). 


Annual program from September 18, 2023 to June 7th, 2024 

Registration Process: 

  1. Submit the registration form online here

  2. For non-alumni of Ya Ya Preschool: we will contact you to schedule a virtual Meet & Greet via Zoom and get to know your child’s Mandarin background.

  3. If we can offer your child a spot, you will receive a tuition invoice via TADS, the enrollment system we use. 

  4. You will be given a “payment deadline” to complete the registration process. Your child’s spot will be confirmed only after the process is completed and the tuition invoice is fully paid. Please understand that we will not be able to save any spot after the invoice deadline is past, and the spot will be released to the next person. 

Class Meeting Schedule: 
You have the flexibility in choosing the days that fit your child’s schedule, or based on their subject interests. The most popular choice is the two-day option, e.g. Tue (Science) & Thu (Art), to provide frequency and consistency in learning. Single-day or multiple-day options are also available. Projects are different each day. That is, the science project we do on Monday will be different from the one we do on Tuesday etc.

Ya Ya Club Schedule.png

*Tuition for two-day option is $5,800

What is a Ya Ya Science Class like?

Is your child into STEM? Do they enjoy doing science experiments and engineering projects? Let us discover the mysteries of natural science and build our skills in critical thinking and problem solving. Have you observed how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly? How do we use vinegar and baking soda to create a chemical reaction that will help propel a rocket that we have created? How does an elevator work and how do we build one so that it can go up and down? How about playing a mathematical game of who can gather the most coins from the treasure bowl? 


(Click the photos above to view a few STEM projects and activities we have done!)

What is a Ya Ya Art Class like?

Is your child artistic and creative? Do they love using their imagination and enjoy creating open-ended art pieces? Let us use recycled materials such as empty bottles, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, and use our creativity to turn them into art treasures! How do we use flour to create colorful play dough? How do we make use of egg cartons to create a helicopter and a boat? Do you love cooking? We can also make some sticky rice balls or bubble teas. Let us pick up paint brushes, scissors and tools, and turn our imagination and creativity into superpowers! 

芽芽藝術家將透過充滿創意的藝術課程,把喝完的水瓶、用完的衛生紙盒、家裡不要的雞蛋盒子,這些隨手可得的物品變廢為寶,賦予它們全新的生命。你知道怎麼把麵粉變成黏土嗎?要如何把雞蛋盒子變成直升機還有船呢?你也喜歡當小廚師嗎? 我們可以來揉揉湯圓和做珍珠奶茶。讓我們拿起畫筆,剪刀和工具,一起動動手來探索世界之美,把想像力變成超能力吧!

(Click the photos above to view a few art and cooking projects we have done!)

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