How Ya Ya started...

Ya Ya Preschool evolved from the popular Ya Ya Immersion program at Mandarin Seeds, a Mandarin learning center for children of all ages in Tribeca that has been serving NYC families since 2008. More than a decade later, Ya Ya Preschool was born in 2021 when the founder of Mandarin Seeds teamed up with a mother of Ya Ya Immersion program alumni. They had a vision to replicate the experience of attending a full day preschool in a Mandarin-speaking country.  

A play-based curriculum that’s continuously being fine-tuned...

The first Ya Ya class had just six students and took place at home in 2011. Over the years Ya Ya program has won the hearts of countless preschoolers (and their parents) and expanded into a preschool with a team of talented educators. The curriculum includes lots of music and art to foster the students' creativity with plenty of hands-on activities to feed their natural curiosity.

... and stands out as a top Mandarin immersion preschool in NYC

What sets Ya Ya Preschool apart from other preschool programs in NYC is that everything we do is in Mandarin. We know that children acquire language faster when they are surrounded by it, so all lessons and activities are conducted in Mandarin Chinese. Even play time and snack time!

From the chorus of "lǎo shī hǎo" as the kids walk through the door, to the "chī bǎo le ma" to ask whether or not they're full after lunch, to the kids saying, " zài chàng yī biàn" after we sing their favorite song for the 8th time in a row, your child speaks and hears Mandarin Chinese all day, every day.  


For children of Chinese heritage, this helps them begin to communicate with family and friends in their native language. And for children who have little knowledge of where the language comes from, it won't take long before they have a solid foundation in a language that's invaluable in today's world. 

What we teach is beyond a second language. At Ya Ya Preschool children will develop skills that set them up for a lifetime of success. In a loving and nurturing space, we will guide our children to develop their cognitive, physical, and social-emotional growth through our unique language-based Ya Ya curriculum that encompasses music, movement, play, hands-on art, and science projects. 

We wholeheartedly believe in the importance of instilling the love of learning and appreciation for different cultures at a young age. Going to school should be joyful! Our goal is to create a positive Mandarin learning experience while supporting our children to become ready for kindergarten and beyond, after graduating from Ya Ya Preschool. It's more than a school: it's an encouraging place that every child looks forward to arriving every day because they are valued as part of the classroom community.

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