Ya Ya Students Read

Ya Ya Environment

Imagine everyday, your child goes through a space portal

and attends preschool in Taiwan or China.

Our immersive environment is to replicate a natural setting for any child to pick up a language organically by listening, observing, and imitating the sounds and words spoken in their surroundings. It is similar to how a child picks up English in an English speaking school, or picks up Russian if the child moves to Russia. The learning environment then becomes the invisible Mandarin teacher.


A Place with Lots & Lots of Books...

We have a community area with a library of 1000+ Chinese language books that have been collected and curated by our educators for over a decade. Teachers read several books to the children each day, and kids get to choose their own books to “read” to themselves or borrow a library book to bring home. 

Our school was created from the ground up with children at the forefront of all design decisions. It was designed by an architect, a father of 3 children, working collaboratively with the experienced educators of the Ya Ya program. All 5 classrooms are equipped with open play materials that encourage creative and imaginative play. 

When you enter Ya Ya Preschool, you will find a welcoming space that exudes fun, playfulness, and warmth! 

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