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Imagine everyday, your child goes through a space portal

and attends a school in Taiwan or China.

Why Mandarin Immersion?


Imagine if your family moves to another country with your children, and they attend a local preschool there. In a very short time, your children will pick up the local language. It is similar to how a child picks up English quickly when they move to U.S. from another country. Our Mandarin immersive classrooms are intentionally set up to replicate a school setting in a Mandarin-speaking country, where a child naturally picks up Mandarin organically by listening, observing, and imitating the sounds and words spoken in their surroundings. In our Ya Ya classroom, the environment itself then becomes the invisible teacher.

Should I worry about my child not speaking English?


The moment your child steps out of Ya Ya Preschool, they are back in the English-speaking New York City again! All the children who attend our Mandarin immersion school also pick up English naturally outside school.


A Place with Lots & Lots of Chinese Books...

We are proud to have a library of 1000+ Chinese language books that have been collected and curated by our educators for over a decade. Teachers read books to the children each day, and the children also get to choose their own books to “read” to themselves or borrow a library book to bring home. 

Our school was built from the ground up with children at the forefront of all design decisions. A close collaboration between our architect, a father of 3 children, and the experienced educators of the Ya Ya program, we have created a welcoming space that is a home away from home and a place that exudes fun, playfulness, and warmth. Come visit us!

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