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The Ya Ya JourneY

                                                      begins for a young toddler at the tender age of 2, learning how to follow school routines and acquiring basic life skills. Following a progressive educational approach and play-based curriculum, a Ya Ya student will continue to grow and develop their cognitive, social-emotional, physical, language and literacy skills through their Pre-K year. What makes a Ya Ya graduate stand out is that they also become bilingual by acquiring Mandarin organically along the way. In our nurturing, welcoming and immersive Mandarin learning environment, Ya Ya graduates become joyful and confident learners, ready to take on any academic and real-life challenges  beyond Kindergarten, whether in a bilingual or an English school. 

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After a child graduates from our day program, they can continue their Ya Ya Journey by returning to attend our Afterschool and Summer enrichment programs, honing their Mandarin skills throughout their elementary school years. 


Program Descriptions by Age

All of Ya Ya programs follow the same rich Ya Ya Curriculum, designed for and proven to work in mixed age and language abilities classrooms. Our teachers are trained to differentiate teaching for each individual child to meet their needs in every developmental area.


READ more about our Ya Ya curriculum and educational approach.

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2s Ya Ya

3s & Pre-K


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