MANDARIN Teaching Assistant for Nursery School

Join our teaching team! Teaching is a very rewarding job. Find out why our teachers love working at our school, a Mandarin nursery school based in downtown NYC. No prior experience is necessary. We are happy to provide training for a good candidate with potential to become a great early childhood teacher.

Our ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Is Eligible to work in the United States

  • Can speak Mandarin fluently with standard accent

  • Has incredible patience and lots of love for children

  • Understands that the job duty of a nursery school teacher is beyond teaching and supporting children in all their developmental areas, but it also includes taking care of their safety and hygiene routines (e.g. diaper change or cleaning up after messes). 

  • Is a good team player who always shows a positive attitude, enjoys collaboration and is supportive of peers, as we value teamwork and everyone's contribution is essential to the success of our school. 

  • Is responsible, punctual and respectful of others at all times.

  • Has a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in any field; a huge plus if the degree is in the field of any childhood education (or has intention of enrollment in a study plan towards such a degree.)


The teaching assistant’ responsibilities and duties may include (but not limited to):

  • Assist a senior teacher in all aspects of lesson planning and classroom activities that may include music, art, movement, outings,... etc.

  • Assist in documentation of student progress with photos and journals in preparation for parent-teacher conferences

  • Assist the children with hygiene (incl. potty) and nap routines 

  • Ensure the safety of the children at all times in a gentle but steady manner

  • Ensure the cleanliness of the classroom environment 

  • Collaborate with a team of teachers on classroom projects and school events 


We will consider either full-time or part-time. Salary is based on prior work experience. For full-time employees, we offer benefits that include health insurance and up to 8 weeks of paid time off. To apply, please email a resume to







  1. 有可在美國工作的合法身份。

  2. 普通話標準且流利。

  3. 對小孩充滿耐心與愛心。

  4. 了解幼兒園老師的工作性質,除了教學和幫助小孩在各領域的發展外,並包含照顧孩童的安全及衛生,例如換尿布、整理教室環境....等。

  5. 喜歡團隊合作並能保持積極的態度,有合作精神並能在團隊中支援夥伴。

  6. 有責任心,能尊重他人,並守時。

  7. 擁有學士學位或碩士學位。如學位與學齡前教育相關或有意向申請學齡前教育學位者佳。



  1. 協助資深老師備課及支援教學活動,例如:音樂、美工、舞蹈、外出⋯⋯等。

  2. 協助紀錄孩童的成長(照片及學生日誌)以用來準備學期中和學期末家長會。

  3. 協助照顧孩童的衛生,如洗手、上廁所、換尿布⋯⋯等,及午睡時間。

  4. 確保孩童安全。

  5. 確保教室環境衛生。

  6. 與教師團隊合作計畫和組織教室活動及學校活動。


【工作性質】:全職 &兼職。

【全職福利】:健康保險 &八週 PTO。