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Session 1 runs from July 5 to July 15, 2022.

The Mythical Beasts Study 神獸的傳說


Mon - Fri 8:45 am to 4:00pm


How many mythical beasts have you heard of from ancient mythology and legends? We will visit an imaginary Ya Ya Island where we will find amazing mythical beasts living in harmony. Will there be dragons? Do you wish to see a Chinese dragon or a Western dragon? What other mythical creatures will we encounter on our journey? Will we meet a phoenix from Greek mythology or a Chinese phoenix Fenghuang? Or perhaps we will find an unicorn in the woods? We can't wait to see what we will encounter on our journey, and we will read story books about these fantastic beasts.  

Summer Ya Ya Session 1

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  • You may choose to bring your own home-packed lunch, or you have the option to participate with Little Green Gourmets. Please "Add a Note" on payment page if you are interested in participating and we will send you the vendor information.

  • Age

    • For Mini Ya Ya Summer, the child must turn 2 years old by July 1, 2022 to participate.

    • For Summer Ya Ya, the child must turn 3 years old by July 1, 2022 and fully potty-trained to participate.

    Enrollment Incentives

    • You are eligible for a 5% discount to the total tuition if the total tuition amount exceeds $2550. Please apply the promo code Summer5un when you check out. 

    Refund and Cancellation

    • ​​Tuition includes all lesson materials but does not include snacks or meals. 

    • Registration must be paid in full before your child can attend class. 

    • To switch to a different summer session, a $25 administrative fee will be charged for each transaction. A written request with timestamp no later than 6/5/2022 must be emailed to before a switch will be considered. Please note that a switch cannot be guaranteed and it will only be accommodated if a spot is available.

    • A written request with timestamp no later than 6/5/2022 must be emailed to before a refund request will be considered. $200 administrative fee will be deducted. No refunds will be issued after the deadline. 

    • There are no make-up classes or partial refunds for any missed class due to any reason.​

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